Replacing patio doors with French doors

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Replacing Patio sliding doors with French doors

Replacing Patio sliding doors with French doors

Replacing patio sliding doors with double French doors, low-E and mini blinds between the glasses.

In order to remove the frame of the sliding doors, you have to cut the stucco with a four inch diamond blade.
I cut it two inches away from the exposed frame and remove the stucco and the Styrofoam.
Now the flange is exposed, I remove the nails or screws and the frame can be pulled out.

Installing the new pre-hung French door unit is next.
Wide trim on the outside should cover the the stucco rough edge.

Well, I had to do some stucco repair as you can see on the left side. That will get painted in a few days.
The home owners found me on Angie’s List

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