Replacement of twenty interior doors with new Shaker style doors

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Replacement of twenty interior doors with new Shaker style doors
Shaker style door installed by Shapira Builders

Jacques Dubois a member of Angie’s List reporting on shapira Builders


This is a new report from Angie’s List member on Shapira Builders. January sixth 2014



Me and my helper replaced twenty interior doors at a home in the Cave Creek town, Arizona.

The Job:

Removing all the hollow core interior doors and hanging 20 new solid core, Shaker stile doors on the existing jambs.

Fitting a door on existing jamb means, cutting the length of the door, planing the width, boring for the door handle and touting for the hinges.


Shaker style doors

Before and after


Solid core shaker style doors

Closet Shaker style doors installed by Shapira Builders


Dov at work and that would be me

Dov at work installing hardware and that would be me




Below is the report at Angie’s List by my client in his own words:


Supply and install 20 new interior doors.


Dov is a craftsman…his work is meticulous and he takes both the care and time necessary to achieve results that are considerably above average.  The doors he installed in our home were solid core, five panel, Shaker style doors with sharp edges outlining each panel.  The cut and hanging of double doors was particularly critical to ensure proper alignment of the panels.  Likewise, a pair of double closet doors were dovetailed on the edge where they meet to ensure the gap between these was made as small as possible.  This guy loves his work and it shows in how he does it.  We supplied the hardware, but altered some of our choices based on his advice and experience, the result is something we are extremely pleased with.  The worksite, both inside and outside, was always kept tidy and clean with little trace of their having been there by the time they left.
I would recommend Dov Shapira without hesitation.


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  1. Love these shaker inspired doors and what a fantastic review yet again. x

  2. The door is great Dov – and that's a wonderful review

  3. Oh my goodness that is a lot of doors. Great job on this project. Other people's testimonials count a lot when I look for a contractor. You sure have a lot of great testimonials!

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  24. I am always so impressed with your work. I love this review. You are a great craftsman!

  25. Solid doors have got to be better, more substantial, and well, solid. Always nice to get a positive testimonial . . . especially when you've earned it, Dov!

  26. What awesome work you do! Glad to see business is booming! 🙂

  27. This is really nice work with the doors. The updated design is much more modern. This is a really nice work.

  28. I didn't realize you did jobs this big! fantastic.

  29. It's amazing how much work you get from Angie's list. Great service and great quality.

  30. Dov is a craftsman! I love the door! It is great that you are able to have these great pictures to show your talent. It is sure to get more customers!

  31. You did it again Dov. First off, taking off ugly hollow core doors and adding gorgeous new ones, and secondly having your customer give you such a raving review. Pretty sweet! Keep it up!

  32. Shaker style doors are timeless. Great choice Dov!

  33. What a fantastic job! You have such great ideas for your clients.

  34. Those look great, I love the shaker style doors. I am sure that took some time, 20 is a lot:)

  35. You must get a lot of your work from Angie's List Dov. It's great to see all the terrific reviews you have been getting.

  36. Great job! Solid doors are always better. And it was nice that they pointed out how you made sure that the doors were level with each other. That is the attention to detail you always want!

  37. Those doors are much more modern!

  38. The solid doors are so much nicer…better quality. Now, they need you to replace their molding! 🙂

  39. Twenty doors is a big job! Keep up the good work! I like those style doors..

  40. Very well done Dov!..In every work you do it is perfectly good..the door looks adorable and more cleaner than it was before. Fantastic!

  41. I absolutely love the style of the new doors. The patterns on them look chic and stylish. They truly have given that space a new and modern look.

  42. Thank you kiddo

  43. I like those doors a heck of alot better. The design is much more pleasing. The pre-existing doors have and old saggy Marlon Brando quality ( not in a good way ). And always good to see such positive customer reviews. Fabutastic!