Puppy Playpen / Kennel

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Puppy playpen final product

Custom designed and built ‘Puppy Playpen’ by Shapira Builders.

Puppy playpen was designed to keep a baby dog in closed area while can not be attended during the working hours.

The cubical dimensions are three by three by four feet. Just the right size for a eight weeks old Chihuahua.

I used 2×2 Fir, and welded wire mesh.

First I cut all the wood parts to size, then each end was milled for double rabbet joint.


Double Rabbet joint Vs single Rabbet joint.

Each 2×2 member got a grove to receive the welded wire mesh.


Tucked welded wire mesh into groves in the wood members.

All four sides of the Playpen were made separately as a single panle. The sides (Panels) are connected together with a spring hook and an eye. The spring is a safety feature to prevent the hook from slipping out of the eye.

The Playpen was designed to be lightweight and easy to assemble.


Spring loaded eye and hook connecting between two panels


The wood work was stained and finished.

The front panel has a door hung on two hinges and a small latch bolt.


Front panel with a door.

Eight rubber round feet were attached to the bottom, that help keeping  the playpen stable on the floor, from slipping,  and  protecting the woodwork on one side and the floor as well.


There he is :)


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