Installation of a new Mohogany door

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Pre-hung Mahogany Door installed

Pre-hung Mahogany Door installed

The Job: Removal of an old entry door and installing a new solid Mahogany door.

My client found me on Google search and asked me to install a pre-hung Mahogany door he found at Home Depot.

After I met with my client, reviewing the job, we went together to Home Depot to make sure the special form order are done correctly such as door swing, left hand or right hand. We also ordered interior and exterior Mahogany trim.

Since the exterior walls are masonry walls made with slump blocks, I installed wood planks as ‘nailers’, that allows me to shoot finishing nails through the door jamb into the ‘nailer’ plank.

As you can see, the door and the trim are raw wood and needs to be stained and finished. My client has his own painter who is going to paint part of the house and stain the new door.

My client is not and Angie’s List member but surprisingly he was able  to make a review on this job. When a none member of Angie’s List makes a review, the ratings from A to D will not show on the report.

Here is my client review on my job:

Removed an old front door and replaced with a new one.
Dov is great to work with! He helped me select and order a new
replacement door and had some good ideas on how to correct a pre-existing construction flaw. He also did all the logistics, which I couldn’t do since I was out of town: picked up the door, went to pick up hardware. Also very patient with my long distance management of the project. I plan to use his services for some future interior door work as well.
A review on Shapira Builders door installation

A review on Shapira Builders door installation

The old door to be removed

The old door to be removed


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