Dressing an archway with stained French doors

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Archway to French doors

Archway to French doors

Designing and installing French doors in an open archway.

My client found me on Angie’s List , She got tiered of having her office at her home with an open archway.
She asked me if I could fit double French doors in the archway.

I made a sketch for her including a beam above the doors to square it off the opening .
In the opening above the doors I suggested glass.

Since my client has very dark furniture in her office she chose a very dark stain for the doors.

The doors are made of Douglas Fir. It is not possible to find Douglas fir wood for the jamb and the trim in the common lumber stores.
What is available is Pine and pine is hard to stain, part of the wood take the stain very well and other parts resist the stain, those areas stay much lighter.

I went out of my way and I purchased Poplar wood for creating the jamb and trim. Poplar takes stain very well.

I did all the mill work at my shop and the staining.
I made few stain samples for my client to make a decision.

My client was very happy with finished product.
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