Adjustable Door Sill / Threshold

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Adjustable threshold

Adjustable threshold


Adjustable Threshold

Over the years, a wide variety of door sill assemblies have been made with adjustable thresholds. Door sill assemblies initially designed to fit immediately below an entryway door are now often extended to adjacent side lights to provide a continuous sill having a uniform, aesthetic appearance while forming a water tight injunction between the sill and the adjoining building floor surface.

Adjustable sills were developed to provide a threshold which an installer can adjust to fit a specific door.
By maintaining a predetermined clearance between the threshold and the door, a door seal can effectively keep out wind and water. It is desirable that adjustable thresholds be easy to install and adjust, structurally sound, relatively inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. Another important feature in cold climates is that the threshold should provide a good thermal barrier in order to prevent condensation and icing on the portion of the threshold within the building interior.



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